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Samuel Johnson’s Brush with Patronage

My extremely learned friend, Adrian Gagnon, put me onto this letter. If you’re going to slay someone, slay them the way Mr. Johnson did — with eloquence, wit, sarcasm, facetiousness, and a finely-honed and venom-laced blade. – DJK Samuel Johnson’s letter to Lord Chesterfield(7th February 1755) To The Right Honourable The Earl Of ChesterfieldMy Lord,I […]

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The Sun Worshipper

POST SAMPLE I believe that am at my best when the sun moves through the sky from morning until dusk, and even a short time after. Before that, the uncertainty of what the day may hold brings me coffee getting cold and sleep in my eyes. I resist life. Birds can call out to me […]

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The Sun Worshipper, Part 2

Continued from The Sun Worshipper, Part 1: “These women will compliment on your eyes, your bald head, your body – even if you were more fat-bellied than you are…” “COOKIE SHEET SAYS…” As I was saying, the Second Thing on my mind is “What’s up with all this bit about the ‘red light district‘ and […]

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Life & Death in the Matrix

Become a Patron to see this content. Just click the PATREON icon and you’ll be taken to my Patreon page to sign up, then come back and sign in. That’s it! Thank you! – DanielTo view this content, you must be a member of Daniel’s Patreon Unlock with PatreonAlready a qualifying Patreon member? Refresh to access […]

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