Blah blah blah about me Me ME blah more and blah blah. Maybe I’ll write something here about me, but why? Read my blog posts, hey? If there’s anything you want to know, submit it in a comment, I’ll answer.

But… I thank you sincerely for coming here. In the not-too-distant future there will be posts on many things. I thought about naming the blog “Calamity and Grace” because that’s seems to be life. Hopefully, if you yourself connect with the Calamity character, you’ll welcome getting to know the Grace partner. And if your life is so blessed that you’re astranged from those who live with Calamity, maybe it will inspire you to move along side a Calamity Girl or Boy.

I will be blogging from a different CoffeeHouse every entry. There are short, usually funny reviews of each CoffeeHouse and linked to a Google Map so you can go there yourself. Eventually, I may be LiveBlogging from each CoffeeHouse and maybe even do Live Video Blogs as well. The sky’s the limit!

Look for CoffeeHouseBlog.com T-shirts and bumperstickers. I will have guest hosts and bloggers, so if you’ve got something to say, email me.

COFFEEHOUSES: If you’d like to sponsor all or part of this blog, contact me!

The posts will cover things like marriage and relationship; working with the circus; adventures with rock bands; wild times in men’s groups, new age nonsense; the Holy Trinity; the Accuser; financial ruin; the art of mapmaking; serial killers I have known; happiness vs joy; wonderful people; wicked people; short story writing; photography; home remodeling; service ministries and helping the downtrodden; auto mechanics; Windjammer cruises; bar fights; romance; the power of prayer; the blessing of children; and things I don’t even know about today.

Look for fun videos, photos, fiction selections, music, and even audio downloads of my blog entries. And links, links links! to cool stuff and great people.

If you’re feeling generous, click on any of the ad links or even rattle the donations jar and know that you’re an instant philanthropist! Hmmm… future blog entry about the death of individual arts patronage in favor of gifting large organizations…

That’s it! Almost another blog entry…