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September 27, 2021

My Cigar Angels

My Cigar AngelsIt’s either something on fire or a ceremony that always brings them out. Daniel J Klein· 7 min read  ~~~I don’t want anyone to say that I’ve suffered. If I were to see it in print I would be livid. To suffer. What an idea and what images it brings to mind.I want no part […]

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September 17, 2021


©Daniel J KleinSeptemberA New Letters Literary Awards Honorable MentionI smell September in the air as I run down the sloping hill, the new, white kite string in my small hand. The kite only twirls and twirls, its yellow rag tail grazing the ground each time it passes. Drying grass and its anchor of dirt puff up […]

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The Sun Worshipper

  I believe that I am at my best when the sun moves through the sky from morning until dusk and even a short time after.Before that, the uncertainty of what the day may hold brings me coffee getting cold and sleep in my eyes. I resist life. Birds can call out to me in lilting […]

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